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Carmichaels Greenville SC Used Car Dealership



Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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  • Do you offer financing?
    Of course! We usually start at $2000 down payments. Please fill out our easy application, click on FINANCING at the top of the page
  • What do I need to get approved?
    We look for a steady income with at least 2 months of job time, proof of residence like a power or cell phone bill, low outstanding debts like other car loans, a valid and up to date drivers license, and full coverage insurance for the duration of your term.
  • Can I add a warranty?
    Yes! To add a warranty follow these simple steps: Enter the Easy Application Click the "Warranty Options" button Click on the package you would like to attach Enjoy nation wide peace of mind and finance the cost for a low stress safety solution!
  • Can I get service and maintenance through you?
    Yes! Our customers enjoy access to the following services: New tires, balancing and alignments Oil changes, brake jobs and more Upgraded radio, navigation and rear view cameras Aftermarket exhausts and performance mods Ask about our referral programs!
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